The Dashing Prince Philip – at Ninety

Prince Philip is ninety today.

Forget the young Royal men – Philip is the one

The dashingly handsome, clever, sarcastically adorable, irritably charming, blunt, and even abrasive at times… Prince Philip… (well… no matter)… has aged well.

Age did not wither him.

Just the opposite…

With his bright, piercing blue eyes and flaxen hair – manly, strong, courageous, virile…

He is a blond Sean Connery.

Prince Philip puts all other younger – much younger – Royal males, as well as other men – in the shade.

A no nonsense man, who is still alert and crackles with energy, with an enviable still-slim figure and stiff, straight back…

“Quel Homme”…

He was, and still is, devastatingly handsome.

He is unnegotiably irresistible to women.

As the longest-serving consort in British history, he has been arock” for Her Majesty the Queen for sixty years.

Philip, an extraordinary man of courage and a no nonsense attitude to life, endured a traumatic childhood, which included his mother’s mental illness and huge financial difficulties until the age of thirty (among many other family traumas) – which would have “broken” a lesser man.

It is unfortunate he did not give his outstanding DNA to his son Charles.

However, he was greatly influenced by two men.

One was the philosopher Kurt Hahn – a charismatic figure, who believed that “moral decay had to be combated by a regime of fitness for the mind and body” – thus Prince Philip’s athletic and still erect figure at age ninety.

The other was his uncle, Lord Mountbatten (brother of his mother), the last Viceroy of India, who was also a wily “social climber”.

Mountbatten cleverly steered his Royal, dashing, but penniless nephew into marriage with the then Princess Elizabeth, later to become the Queen of England.

The dashingly handsome Philip was always a “ladies man”…

But he’s also a “man’s man”…

A man to be reckoned with.

He sparkles like a dry Martini.

They don’t make them like this any more…

He’s darling.

He’s a treasure.

Long Live Prince Philip…

We hope to toast your100th birthday…


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