Japon.. Mon Amour

Something about Japan hypnotises me. It is a country, a culture that is mesmeric. From exotic Tokyo to the dazzling Kyoto.
Japan, the land of the rising sun.
It is in one’s soul.

I have been told that I existed in Japan many lifetimes ago, that may be the reason for my great fascination with the country, my longing.. that does not dwindle nor abate…

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Voyage to Greece – “The Land of Milk and Honey”

April conjures travel…

Greece is our destination…

We’re travelling with our two young men, Marc and Alain, to the “Land of Milk and Honey”, “Bouzouki”, “Sertaki”, the Acropolis, and the “Theatre of Herodes Atticus” (where we once watched the compelling Mikhail Baryshnikov perform with brilliance). We want them to experience the land of the Greek Gods , the cradle of Western Civilisation, the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy and drama, both tragic and comedic – as we experienced it.

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