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Lettre de Paris | Culture & Lifestyle…


LETTRE DE PARIS… is a Paris-based international news and opinion website… where Style and Originality meet the latest in Culture, Literature, Art… Travel… Style & Fashion, etc… from an original, uniquely Parisian… personal… point of view.

LETTRE DE PARIS | Culture & Lifestyle… was created by an expatriate, Francophile group of creative individuals, living in and writing from Paris, offering their unique point of view on the current topics of the day, the latest happenings of interest in Paris, France, and internationally… sharing their stylish Parisian lifestyle… and a passion for sheer “joie de vivre” with the reader – plus a touch of glamour, “amour”, and enchantment…

With an expanding viewership… LETTRE DE PARIS… is read by a discerning, cosmopolitan, well-travelled, style-loving, global audience.

For further information:

E-mail: contact@lettredeparis.com

Website: http://lettredeparis.com/

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