Marché de l’avenue du Président Wilson

Strolling down Avenue du Président Wilson, after having our usual “deux express et deux croissants, s’il vous plait”, at Carette (see earlier Post), one of our local cafés in our “quartier”, we stumbled into one of our favourite “marchés”.

As one enters into the hustle and bustle that’s typical of most “marchés” in Paris, one is struck by the infinite beauty of bunches and bunches of flowers, roses, plants, and shrubs of all colours, shapes, and aromas.  We always end up “hugging” (buying) huge bunches of our favourite wild flowers, exotic foliage, or their fabulous roses. After that, there are the vegetable stalls, cheese boards, chicken “rôtisseries”, herbs, jars of olives, all sorts of nuts, and last but not least, delicious fruits of all varieties.

At the end of the mile-long “marché”, there is the Lebanese stand, where we invariably end up gorging on their delicious “Manakeesh”, a special type of dough with fresh thyme, sesame, and olive oil sprinkled on top, and “Fatayer”, a triangular delicacy with spinach, onion, and “pignons”, or pine nuts, mixed with a bit of olive oil, stuffed into the dough, both baked on a special spit – both delicious Lebanese delicacies. After that, we drop by the superb fishmongers and get some “rougets” to have for lunch.

A bientôt.


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