“Well, Hello Guys”… Our CNN War Correspondents

Well… Hello Guys…

Hello…  NicBenFreddy

What would we do without you, Guys.

Having been glued to our TV screens – morning… noon… and night… (and in between work) you Guys have been right there – in our bedrooms… living rooms… and even kitchens… (tiny TV, next to the sink).

We really, really know you.. are very fond of you… and feel safe with you…

Ben Wedeman – our “roly poly”, with your lovely, unruly, peppery white, thatchy hair, lengthened or cut short, rumpled field clothes, unselfconsciously sincere, intelligent, courageous, and compassionate – “en plus” speaking Arabic brilliantly… very adorable

Nic Robertson, the intense, sensitive one – the ultimate professional, who seems so caring and involved with the conflict at hand – it being Iraq, Egypt, Libya, etc…  Looking good in his correct and charming shirt and blazer – risking his life for others every time – well, we think you’re heroic – (not a word we use lightly).  You’re such a gentleman.

We admit to being slightly envious of your wife.

As for you, Frederik Pleitgen… Aaaah……  (“quel beau garçon”).  The tall, dark, and handsome Elvis Presley lookalike (only with more intellect), who somehow transforms every conflict into a glamorous situation, although one must add, handling it with total dedication and professionalism…. irresistible.

Switching on CNN… you Guys are right there on the screen, in front of us, and with us.  You’re mostly in dangerous situations, in God knows which forsaken country, where its peoples are butchering each other (we can never get over the fact that human beings have been torturing and killing one another for centuries…), reporting to us and telling us what is really happening at that moment in time, in that village… city… or country…

Crossing continents to give a true picture of events – sometimes horrific – that are unfolding and unravelling in front of you – physically, and us – in the safety of our home, but nevertheless, no less horrifying to witness.

We’re shocked, horrified, disgusted, torn apart… over women raped, beaten, or killed, children crying and screaming… terrified of the tragic and fearsome drama they find themselves trapped in.

We shout with rage and repulsion, anger, and disbelief that such people could find it in their heart to inflict so much pain and terror on their fellow brethren… their fellow men.

But, you – our amazing CNN war correspondents – remain cool headed and in control.

Your ultimate mission, to report what is going on around the world, at that moment in time, allows us lay-men and women to relive the experience with you – vividly and accurately, while watching you crouching… dipping… and hedging… behind a wall, or door – from bullets… guns… and artillery… that are whizzing around you.

You never flounder – you do not run or dither… you’re right there… in Tripoli, Benghazi, Cairo, etc… standing firm, fearlessly looking us in the face with courage and determination, trying your utmost to help in some-way… somehow… to alleviate the fatal conflicts that are being raged and waged around you.

We feel we know you so well.  You’re with us while drinking our cup of coffee “le matin”, until evening… while sipping our glass of wine… and even later at night… when we sleepily bid you.. “bonne nuit”.

You’re our Heroes.

We so admire you.

We so honour you.

In other words…

We love you.


You’re AWESOME….


One thought on ““Well, Hello Guys”… Our CNN War Correspondents

  • 30th April 2016 at 1:32 pm

    Spot on. Those CNN guys are absolutely incredible – and we “don’t think we know them”. We do know them. And let’s not forget Wonder Woman: the brilliantly courageous Arwa Damon. Though American, she was brought up in Istanbul – and like Turks, as was reported by all the American officers during the Korean War in which the Turks took part part – received more medals for bravery than all the other combatants combined: “The Turks seem to know no fear.” And, I, myself, have witnessed this first-hand.
    Caroline HARVEY-KELLY


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