“Back to the… Bond Age”…

BondJames Bond

For me…

There is only… oneBond

ConnerySean Connery


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary… “movie Icon“… we are reminded of one of our all time favourite heros007

In a collection… of truly memorable candid photos… taken on the set of several films… of this most attractive of menJames Bond… metamorphosed in the shape of…

The suave… and witty… Roger Moore… a delight

Pierce Brosnan… the handsome and romantic Bond… was fabulous

The recentDaniel Craig… is roughtough… “un vrai homme viril“…

We love… and appreciate… Pierce… with the seductively uninhibited Sophie Marceau… in bed while filming… “The World is Not Enough“… was deliciously mischievous

Roger… with the beautiful Carole Bouquet in the Bond movie… “For Your Eyes Only“… was dashing… “galant“…

Craig… in the more recent episode of 007… with the stunning Eva Green… was… excitingchallenging

Welove them all


Pour moi“… for me…

It will… always be…

The one and only


ConnerySean Connery

Nothingcompares to

A… very special



J’ t’adore


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* The Mail on Sunday Live magazine 15/01/2012

The name is Connery… Sean Connery…

“The name is Bond – James Bond“.

I mean…

Connery – Sean Connery.

Leafing through Vanity Fair magazine, I came across my favourite photograph of a man I have always adored – the drop-dead gorgeous – Sean Connery.

It is the photograph of him in an advertisement for Louis Vuitton, where the man is wearing a straw Panama hat, a polo neck black sweater, cream cotton trousers, a stunning watch – which suits him so well – also, my all-time favourite item, the Vuitton travel carry-all… off course.

He is languidly stretched on a rough wooden plank on a beach in the Bahamas Islands, with the crystal blue sea, and blue sky with a whisper of white clouds, behind him.

Connery is looking just the way I like him – he’s gazing into the distance, armed with an arched eyebrow… that half-intense, half very male seductive look of his – and oh…. with that slightly ironic smile, typical of him.

He is a magnificent specimen.

No one has the right to look…

so devastating…

so amazing.

I have recently read a small caption in the newspaper that read “Sean Connery is officially retiring from public life”, which made me feel…

so very bad…

so very sad…

Sean Connery, for me, is the real-life “incarnation”…. of Ian Fleming’s iconic creation.

None of the other charming actors, like Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and the latest, Daniel Craig, could ever embody that magnetic, alluring, beguiling, hypnotically seductive character that was, and is, “Bond”.

Connery did.

He is “Bond”.

The man who famously ordered his dry vodka martini – “shaken and not stirred”.

Nothing could ever match the exhilaration and excitement I felt while awaiting the latest James Bond film – with Connery as its leading man…

His roles in “Dr. No”, “From Russia with Love”, “Goldfinger”, “Thunderball”, “You Only Live Twice” and “Diamonds are Forever” were fascinating… I loved them all, and was increasingly mesmerised by Bond… James Bond.

He was – cool…

He was – Sean…

He continued to act and excel in performing.. winning an Academy Award for his role in “The Untouchables”, a BAFTA award for his peformance in “The Name of the Rose”, and three Golden Globes.

He additionally starred in films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s “Marnie”, “The Man Who Would be King”, “The Wind and the Lion”, “The Russia House”, his inspiring and majestic King Arthur in “First Knight”, as well as the enchantingly modern “Entrapment” with Catherine Zeta Jones.

He also received an award for outstanding artistic contribution to world cinema.

Even in older age, he is vibrant, brilliant, and oh… so virile… But for me, Sean will always be “Bond“.

“Quel homme”.

I’ll miss his presence.

I’ll miss seeing him in new roles.

Connery… or Bond…?

The two – are one and the same…

forever entwined.

I’m already missing you…

You are one in a million.

You are larger than life.

They do not make them like you any more…

Sean Connery

Je t’aime…


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    Bravo a., I agree.


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