Lettre de Paris Interview: Kathy Biehl

87lm52fgQ: You are a lawyer by training.. what first drew you to Astrology?

I have been interested in astrology and esoteric subjects since I was a pre-teen, long before the idea occurred to me to study law.  I have a natural bent for magic and fairy tales and symbolism (I studied German literature in college), which are all ways of looking at life beyond what is happening on the surface.  Astrology appealed to both my rational and non-rational side.  It is a logical and orderly system that explains workings that are not immediately visible to the eye.

Q: How has Astrology changed your perspective on life?

I look at life in terms of patterns and cycles, and in terms of a person’s recurring themes and issues.  I put events on a continuum, instead of looking at individual events (or astrological influences) standing by themselves.

Q: How do you see our world changing in the next 5 years?

We are in profoundly, fiercely, relentlessly revolutionary times.  The upheaval of the past five years is leading directly into massive restructuring of countries, governments and societies.  As individuals we are moving into focused, simpler and ultimately more satisfying ways of being.

At the moment, existing power structures are intensifying attempts to hold on to control.  Fear is running rampant, and it is challenging to not fall prey to it.  The promise of the late 1960’s has been activated, however, and it will continue to blossom despite that fear.  By the end of this period – and this might take seven years or more – we will have very different notions of the role of government, and very different notions of society and support systems.

I have been saying for years that as the outside world falls into chaos, on an individual level we are entering the happiest, most productive and fulfilling stages of our lives.  People who live in optimism, empathy and joy are seeking each other out, amplifying each other’s efforts and building networks of support and hope.  We are creating the safety net and the new infrastructure that will be in place as old ways collapse.

Q: As a professional astrologer, how does also being Psychic influence your readings?

Every astrological influence has a spectrum of possibilities for how it might play out.  My intuition helps me read recurring themes and zoom in on what they have meant for a client.  It also affects the language I choose for my forecasts.

Q: Can you share your personal philosophy in life, for the benefit of our readers?

I’ve never complied a formal philosophy.  I live by a number of tenets: Keep my side of the table as clean as possible (metaphorically – my physical tables tend to be covered with papers and totemic objects).  Look at my own actions instead of blaming others.  Look for the silver lining.  Look for the humor.  Be kind.  Take care of my friends.  And eat ice cream whenever I feel like it…


Kathy Biehl has been a professional astrologer and psychic for more than 30 years. Book a private session with Kathy at Empowerment Unlimited.net, where you can sign up for her newsletter, listen to her weekly podcasts, and purchase her recordings.

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