A Poignant Love Letter…

“You Taught Me How To Love”

Dear H,

Knowing me as you do, you’ll remember I despise love letters – so pompous and posturing – emotional blackmail invariably the aim. However, I feel I owe one to you, the love of my 30s, thanking you for the years we spent together; a letter from one no longer in love, who can now love all the stronger because of you.

Our relationship taught me how to love as an adult, and you remain the only man I have ever set up house with. People declared us opposites: introvert and extrovert, sportsman and hedonist, music lover and word obsessive.

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Following Love Through to its Completion…

“The choice to follow love through to its completion is the choice to seek completion within ourselves.

The point at which we shut down on others is the point at which we shut down on life.

We heal as we heal others, and we heal others by extending our perceptions past their weaknesses…

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