Jemima Khan – The Beautiful Campaigner

Is Jemima Khan campaigning – already…?

Do we get the impression that the wheels have started spinning..?

In other words, is she discreetly campaigning on behalf of her charismatic brother Zac Goldsmith, who is the Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and a dedicated environmentalist ….?

Would he not be a dashing and impressive Prime Minister – in the not so distant future…?

The strikingly attractive Jemima is not a politician (yet) – but an able and competent writer and campaigner.  She is the eldest daughter of Lady Annabel and the Anglo-French billionaire financier Sir James “Jimmy” Goldsmith.  She also has two younger brothers, the above-mentioned Zac and Ben, a venture-capitalist.

She married the retired Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan, who later become a political activist and Pakistani politician, founding and becoming chairman of the “Movement for Justice” political party.

Khan has contributed to several newspapers and magazines, such as The Independent, The Sunday Times, the Observer, and has just guest-edited this week’s edition of the New Statesman magazine, the weekly London-based left-wing political magazine – which I might now subscribe to if she continues contributing…


Jason Cowley, editor of the New Statesman said: “I admired her work as a human rights activist in Pakistan and her support for freedom of information.”  Jemima interviewed Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, in an article entitled “Portrait of a Tortured Man”, which I thought was brilliantly written.

It was fair…

it was square.

She describes Clegg as the “Tim Henman of politics”, and an “honest and straight forward man in a dishonest and unstraightforward world”, and he “regrets that sometimes he does not always get the balance right”, which makes him “quite miserable”.  He also likes to read novels and says he “cries regularly to music”.  Jemima concludes by describing him as looking “very, very sad”.

A sympathetic and fair assessment of the politician.

However, I do wonder what in the world is this lovely, thoughtful empathic, good looking and “proche” man doing in politics – the most unforgiving and ruthless profession.  Nick Clegg could have made better use of his considerable talents in a caring profession, such as Medicine, Philosophy, or Anthropology.

A charming man, an adorable man, who deserves better…

We’re truly fond of him.

I have always liked and admired Jemima Khan for her courage to marry into a foreign culture and adopt its ways – she was not afraid to plunge into the Pakistani way of life, even learning the Urdu language.

Jemima was gracious…

She did not complain.

did not explain.

Khan also became an Ambassador for UNICEF UK in 2001 and visited Kenya, Romania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan, for the UNICEF charity over the years.

More recently, she campaigned for freedom of information by defending Julian Assange and speaking at The Stop The War Coalition’s rally in defence of Wikileaks alongside Tony Benn and Tariq Ali.

Jemima has become even more interesting and quite fascinating as time went by – for she could have been a spoilt and idle socialite.

However, she has chosen to put her considerable talent and powerful connections to good use…

Challenging and brave.



We will be campaigning not only for the irresistibly handsome Zac, but also for the passionate and dedicated Jemima Khan.

She could be… will be…

the perfect…

modern politician

of the not so far away… future.

Jemima Khan…

Go for it

Courage, et

Bonne Chance…


2 thoughts on “Jemima Khan – The Beautiful Campaigner

  • 9th April 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Loved Your writeup on Jemima Khan, your writIng is generous of spirit…Articulate and excellent in stylE and content.

  • 8th November 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Dear Jemima Khan:

    The Muslim community as well as I greatly admire your leap of faith into the Muslim religion, which in my opinion is a very brave and bright advance in the right direction with a little help from only one person that would be Imran Khan. I have admired your husband’s cricket playing for many years and watched the world cup of 1992 with great interest; I have also watched the Sharja Cup of 1986 where your husband was the captain in a great match against arch rival India. I’m curious about some decisions you’ve made in your life and would like to know what convinced you to become a Muslim? And how is your commitment to the Islamic faith today? Not to be very personal but you being a public figure and former wife of a rising political figure, I would like to say I don’t know the reasons surrounding your divorce with cricketer Imran Khan. If you as a person couldn’t foresee the outcome of your marriage with a playboy husband, who still maintains his Muslim faith; despite degradation of character due to womanizing, how’re you going to be the next first lady, leader, of a nuclear country? Your marriage being annulled with Imran Khan would in the Muslim community be foreseen as a lack of commitment and responsibility. Also some of your critics indicate that you’re a Jew and planted by the Jewish lobby to abolish Pakistan’s nuclear ambition. What is your comment regarding this issue?

    Since your former faith establishes a great deal of insight and relations into the Jewish community, what changes have you passionately tried to bring to the people in your inner circle? Also were there any habits that were hard to quit like alcoholism after becoming a Muslim (i.e. if you used alcohol in the past)? I would also like to know what is your stand on the Palestine issue? And what practical steps have you taken for helping the people of Palestine after Imran khan’s appealing conversion of you to Islam?

    I also admire you as the mother of Imran’s two beautiful sons trying to raise a family. Do you have any message or do you see yourself as a message of hope for mothers of the Muslim community especially mothers raising families in conflicted areas like Kashmir and Palestine?


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