Moura Budberg - "Mata Hari" of Russia

We have always been drawn to women in history who were beautiful, sensuous, and mysterious - who seduced and mesmerised men of power, intellect, and prestige.

"Cleopatra" - who famously seduced Anthony, was one - but the seductress who fascinates is... "Mata Hari".

Baroness Moura Budberg was a Russian noblewoman and a suspected double-agent for both the Soviet Union and British intelligence (she is the great-great-aunt of the current Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the handsome Nick Clegg).

She - was dubbed the "Mata Hari of Russia".

Moura was "sensuously beautiful" and a sexually liberated women.  She lead a life full of glamorous liaisons and shadowy connections.

Baroness Budberg was also the mistress of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart - the most famous British spy sent to Russia, said to be the inspiration for Ian Fleming's "Bond" - was the love of her life, and one who mentioned her by name in his book "Memoirs of a Secret Agent".

She also had a liaison with the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky, and historian and science fiction writer H.G. Wells.

The British Embassy in Moscow described the Baroness to MI5 as a "very dangerous woman".

Beautiful, sensuous, seductive, intelligent, and dangerous...?    Maybe.

But these amazing women (without whom history would have been a bore....) had a charisma - that was lethal and unforgettable, rendering the seductresses of recent times - pale versions of the genuine article.


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Where can I buy this book on Moura Budberg? I live in Manhattan
Hi Martha, The book "Moura: The Dangerous Life of the Baroness Budberg" by Nina Berberova is available to order on "". A bientôt, Lettre de Paris