T.E. Lawrence, the “Arabian Knight”

T.E. Lawrence, the Magnificent “Arabian Knight”.

As we watch, with bated breath, the Arab world battling for the democratisation of their countries by getting rid of dictators, who were allowed to rule them, while they, the people, slept – our thoughts go back to that most enigmatic, charismatic of men – “Lawrence of Arabia”.

The tall, dashing actor Peter O’Toole, with his piercing blue eyes, depicted him brilliantly in David Lean’s epic film “Lawrence of Arabia”.  We identified with him as the real hero.

But, Lawrence was only 5 ft., 5 in. – not tall at all.

Yet – he was so riveting and mesmeric in his self-confidence and intellect, which made him tower over generals, like “Allenby”, and others – he walked tall.

Of course, he enjoyed enormously creating the legend by wearing the Arabian “gallabieh” (Arab dress), gold head-band over the Arabic head-dress, the “keffiyeh – completing the dashing look he created by wearing a curved dagger at his waist.

Lawrence tried his utmost to help the Arab nations attain their independence, but failed.

In their past history, the Arabs were a rudderless people – ships without sails – sailing aimlessly in the darkness of the night.

Democracy – is now their “Hero”…

They will soon learn to fight for it, love it, live for it.

Miracles are happening every day in the Middle East – Arab nations are waking up and passionately believe that they can achieve their goal, their dream of independence and democracy – and will walk tall.

As Lawrence himself wrote in 1927, “some day, they (the Arabs), will be fit for self government, but whether seven, or 70, or 700 year hence – God knows”.

With the recent uprisings and conflicts, we fervently and urgently hope that it will take much, much less for those great nations, with a great culture and heritage, to be able to govern themselves with wisdom, integrity, intelligence, and honour, sooner, much sooner – than was predicted.

The legendary T.E. Lawrence, who wrote “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, one of the finest and most memorable books – was a brilliant, original, imaginative, and complex genius – a fascination.

We hope that the modern, young generation of enlightened Arabs will render their nations victorious and triumphant.

A democratic Arab world…?

No one deserves it more.

Long live the Arab nations.


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  • 26th March 2011 at 8:20 am

    Brilliant, and utterly rIveting read…

  • 26th March 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Hi K.M.,

    Your comment is greatly appreciated and needed.

    Keep ’em coming…

    Lettre de Paris


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