“International Women’s Day”… at the… British Ambassador’s Residence…

International Women’s Day”…

We were delighted

To receive… an invitation by

Catherine Le Yaouanc… the highly professional and charming Chief Executive Officer of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI)… to attend a conference to mark this year’s “International Women’s Day”… at the British AmbassadorsSir Peter Ricketts’… Residence… at the British Embassy in Paris.

Entering… “les coulisses du pouvoir”… the corridors of power…

We comeface à face”… with Her very Royal Majesty Queen Victoriain all her splendour… in a huge portrait painting… in the sumptuous entrance hall, where her shrewd eyes are surveying all.

Juste en face”… a lovely framed photograph of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II… is resting on top of a round tableshe too is smilingobserving the event unfolding in front of her… so to speak.

A crowd made up of a dynamic group of ladies… (and a sprinkling of men)… was interacting and networking… seemingly very determined to be part of this momentous occasionwhere the importance of support and encouragement is underlined in motivating women to reach their considerable and full potential… in the business world.

We too… are passionate… about promoting such a worthy event.

After circulating among the attendeesamongst whom were representatives of such established British and international institutions as UK Trade & Investment, Deloitte, BT, Barclays… to name a few… we were invited into the splendid conference room for…

Sir Peter Ricketts’… encouraging and supportiveWelcome Speech”.

Rachel Bridge chairing todaysdébat”… entitled “Connecting Women: inspiring futures”… and Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times and author of four best-selling books about entrepreneurs – her most recent being “How To Make a Million before Lunch”… presented the “Introduction”.

Polly GibbDirector of “WiRE” (Women in Rural Enterprise), an on-line community of rural-based business women… spoke about how women can use the internet and social networks to join forces and collaborate to effect change and improvement in their respective communities.

Efundoyin Akinyanju… an honours degree in Chemistry graduate, who has worked for fifteen years with Schlumberger in various high-level international positions… is currently the Global Recruiting Manager for Schlumberger Ltd., based in Paris she too spoke of the importance of encouraging and developing women’s careers and what role social networks play in modern-day recruiting.

Mélissa Bounoua… an on-line journalist for the “Nouvel Observateur” and The Guardian online… a graduate of the “Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris” (Sciences Po)… is very interested in the use of social media, since she covered the US Presidential campaign in 2008… and elaborated on the importance of the internet, blogging, and social media in connecting women.

Being thoroughly impressed by what these hugely qualified women had to saywe joined in the “Questions & Answersmoment… following the debate.

TheConclusion”… was delivered by the charming and witty Michel de FabianiPresident of the Franco-British Chamber…which since its foundation in 1873, has strived to create opportunities and connect people in order to assist its members to promote and develop their activity within the Franco-British business community

Which… was followed by an invitation for cocktails and “hors d’oeuvres”… in the opulent dining room.

Feeling the surge of energizing encouragementafter a successful evening

We glided through the corridors… into the entrance hall

Making sure we bid two… of the most amazingQueens”… ever…

Au revoir Majestés”…

We left His Excellency… the British Ambassador’s Residence… feeling…



To promote our own company

To a higher dimension.

FBCCIs… “International Women’s Day”… was…

A huge success




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  • 15th March 2012 at 11:07 pm

    What a supremely written post on the “International Womens Day” at the British Ambassadors residence in Paris, very inspiring indeed!!!


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