The Broken Heart Club…

God said

Hearts are broken…  You may never get over the heartache even when the love of your life is long gone.  Right now I speak of an occasion when you, in effect, were left at the altar.  Once a love meant so much to you.  Your love streamed.  Love that you thought was yours overflowed.  It might have been said that you loved too much, and the other not so much, not so much as you wanted.  You felt that you had been left at the altar, clearly with your heart up in the air, love broken in two.

Now you can see that all the love you banished from your heart was all a thought, even as the two beating hearts existed once upon a time far out in space.  Your heart truly had enjoined love and then, as the other’s love passed beyond the Sun, you pushed Love away vehemently, as if it were a hot potato.

Now you begin to see that everything that meant so much to you was a dream.  It was all a dream that you had wanted to qualify as True Love.

It was important, your Lost Love, and it still matters to you, even as you now accept it was all a dream.

Yet you wonder how a Dream of Love and Love Withdrawn can still pang in your heart.  You and love were like two ships passing in the dark, even as, for a while, you saw this love as two human hearts beating as One.  Ah, love is greater than two beating hearts

Now you wonder if all regret is Love Undone or Love Unwoven, finished off, depleted, the way important words in a book are underlined and then the underlined pages disregarded from than on.

What was the message of this long-ago love?  Now you would have the feelings of love continue as love unattached.  You wouldn’t be misty-eyed and hang on, yet you would free your heart of love.  You would allow it.

You never wanted to become acidic toward love.  Nor did you want to hang on to love either.  No longer would you become hard-hearted to once-upon-a-time love.  You would let people go but not the love in your heart.  You would let it exist just the same.  You would not allow it to be past.

You had more than one love that lost its luster.  The others are nothing to you now, yet this one love stands out like a silhouette, like a white moon or a brilliant sun.  This remembered love never goes off into the horizon with all the past other loves, no longer cared about.

You missed many opportunities.  You know that now.  Now you wouldn’t wrench the love apart and try to strike it from your heart.  You would know love even as you never knew love in real time, even as time is never real.

Yet Eternity and Infinity are real, and all love is intact somewhere.  Now you would bow down to love, to your giving love and your receiving love.  Now you would never ever turn your back on love again.  Now you would call love home.. and you would throw love to the winds so it would always traverse the world and beyond.  How you would reunite love in your heart now.

How you would combine love, and love would be the sum and total of your heart.  You see now in this moment of sadness how much love you had and tossed away in the name of you know not what.  You threw away love hand over fist because it did not meet your standard of Love Everlasting.

Now in the winter of your life, you see the magnificence of love even as it did not work out.  You may have been undone, yet love never was cut or tarnished or anything at all.  Finally you have discovered that, on another plane, Love, not possession, is It.

So now call back all the love that you allowed to stray from your heart.  Call Love back to Itself, for what you really want is Love Full in your Heart.

You squeezed all the love in your heart.  You tamped it underfoot.  You tried to banish unrequited love, yet here it is, all your love ready to come out of hiding and reveal itself as the love it was even as you had forsworn it.

You forswore your love, and now you discover that there is no past love.  All love is still beating in your heart.  Love has come home to roost.  Let it flow.  Let it flow everywhere.  Let love be.

The day will come when you look into My eyes and see yourself and start smiling.  How you will be eager to simply blend with Me as Love, letting the details go…


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