Parisienne.. à St. Germain


Walking.. with the years..

Footsteps.. in St. Germain..

Where.. are we heading..

No one.. knows..

Walking.. with history..

No one.. can fathom..

The.. mystery..

That is.. life..

Fractious.. mirrors..

On.. the walls..

Wars.. pestilence..

Discord.. galore..

Catastrophe.. humanitaire..

Not.. only that..

Viruses.. inundate..

How.. can..

Humanity.. translate..

Minds.. in turmoil..

Frazzled.. spirits..

The universe.. cannot absorb..

Our.. existence..

The.. planet..

That is.. our home..

Instant.. gratification..

Superficiality.. we abhor..

How.. could..

Humanity.. not adore..

Our.. experience..

A treasure.. unique..

That will.. never repeat..

Lift.. the clouds..

Let.. the sun penetrate..

Mystical.. existence..

So much.. beauty..

Unique.. sublime..

Come.. walk with me..

Footsteps.. in St. Germain..

Blissful.. and aahh..

So.. divine..


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