Pandemic.. Biblical of Proportion

Today.. the NOW..

Bears.. many sorrows.

I see.. darkness..

Of the.. collective soul..

Piercing.. the heart.

Humanity.. in the shadows..

Of.. fear.

Terror.. is gripping..

Hospitals.. in chaos..

Heroic healers.. unprotected..

Lead like lambs.. to slaughter.

Our planet.. is revulsing..

Throwing.. up..

The.. corruption..

The.. greed..

A different.. breed.

Vengeance.. chokes the air..

Devastating illness.. occurs..

Fear.. despair..

Our boulevards.. are silent..

Ambulance sirens.. fill the air.

Pandemic.. biblical of proportion..

Macron issues.. strictest lockdown..

We’re trapped.. in a siege.

Yet incredible.. astonishing..

Humanity.. heroic..

Helping.. hands..

Humane.. volunteers..

Will.. vanquish..

Terrifying.. virus.

Valour.. goodwill..

Will.. prevail.

A happening.. profound..

Even.. magical..

Taking.. place.

An.. energy..

Of.. light..

A.. higher dimension..

Is.. profound.

An.. infrastructure..

Of.. change..

A brave.. new world..

A.. new dawn..

Is.. nigh.

We ARE.. the solution.

I seek.. solitude..

I dream.. of peace..

For.. love..

For.. faith..

Will.. forever..




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