“Love Is Where We Came From, Love Is Who We Are”…


An amazing article by Mastin Kipp founder of The Daily Love:

“One of the great gifts of being human is that we have free will.

But our free will boils down to a very simple choice: we can choose to connect to Love or not.

Love is where we came from. Love is who we are and Love in all its various forms is our destiny. Like a seed, we have full potential within us; when we plant ourselves in the soil of Love and water our dreams and life with Faith, we begin to step into and realize that potential.

And just like the seed, we express in perfect time – not all at once, but over time.

One of my intentions in life is to be so nestled into the arms of The Uni-verse that I am fully relaxed and present in every moment. When I lived my life from a place of ego and needing significance in order to feel worthy, I would chase and chase and chase for every little reward.

Finally, after a whole lot of chasing and not very much reward and a very unhealthy body, I just gave it up. And I asked The Uni-verse to take over and show me who I am, who I’m not and how to step into the abundance and Love I so eagerly desired.

That prayer and request sounds nice, but it’s a humbling process that usually means your world is going to flip upside down before it starts to really rock.

When we lean on Love and on The Uni-verse for guidance and truly ask for real Faith to live by Faith and not by sight, the first thing that has to happen is that all the things, situations, people, etc. in our lives who we’ve given our power away to have to be challenged and reframed.

If your goal is to trust The Uni-verse, to live Its will for your life and to be used up by Love so at the end of your life you have FULLY expressed and given every last DROP of your purpose, then everything that has your power that is NOT in alignment with that Path must be challenged and uprooted. There is no other way.

So if you want to live your purpose with Faith, everything that is not your purpose will begin to shift away and leave your life – that is, unless you resist, and then life gets stagnant.

My aim, my goal is to stay fixed on the experiences I desire (feeling inspired, joyful, happy, scared to step out of my comfort zone, etc.) and detach from the physical form of how they show up.

When we detach from the form, we give The Uni-verse room to work to create the EXPERIENCES we truly desire.

Living your purpose and being nestled in the arms of The Uni-verse doesn’t mean that you are going to live a boring life. It means that you will get to a point where you are filled up, happy and feeling alive most of the time. But it takes constant risk, constant tenacity and the ability to step outside of your comfort zone daily and allow your ego to be humbled in the process.

Where we are going as a human race is more connected to each other. So the more you can tell on yourself, the more honest you can be and the more that you can see the Divine in everyone you meet, the greater amount of success and fulfillment you will have.

When we use our free will to connect to the energy of Love and allow The Uni-verse to work through it, the form of our life will begin to change. It’s scary at first, but what’s scariest of all is getting to the end of our life with fear and regret.

If you choose to connect to Love, you will be challenged. You will be asked to face your fears. You will be asked to be humbled. And then you will be lifted by the wings of angels who are ready to help you fly because you take yourself lightly.

This is the promise of Love.”…

© The Daily Love

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