Kathy Biehl’s April 2017 Astrology Forecast

Push-pull is the theme of the month… The key’s in the ignition, the foot’s on the gas pedal and yet… one force after another invites lingering, checking the mirrors, and shifting into reverse.

Sounds like a retrograde at work, right? Actually, several. This month has five: two that directly affect (and often meddle with) daily life, and three that rework larger issues at a deep level.

Amid them we’ll be fine-tuning actions and agendas, tending to structures and commitments, and gaining the benefit of an epiphany or three.

The combined influences encourage picking up loose ends and information (which will prove useful come summer), as well as enjoying the physicality of this experience we call life…

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2017 American Women’s Group in Paris’ Annual Gala.. La Vie en Rose

“Volunteering”.. a word that was previously familiar to me, but not to such a personal, intimate degree as it has become over these past six months.

I found myself reluctantly accepting to volunteer my services as Co-Chair of the American Women’s Group in Paris’ Annual Gala Organising Committee at the end of a fun drinks gathering last September, having initially turned down an invitation to become Chair in June of that year, knowing full well that my overstretched timetable and responsibilities did not allow me to take this additional load on board – no matter how worthwhile…

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International Women’s Day: Bérangère de Pontac’s Servigny D-Day Fund

On this 2017 International Women’s Day, my thoughts are with women of the world, and most particularly mothers.. who throughout their lives must balance their most important responsibility – that of nurturing and supporting their children – with achieving in the outer world, in order to reach their full potential and realise their dreams. Not an easy feat…

One such mother I met recently is Bérangère de Pontac.. wife of “Comte” Arnaud de Pontac, the owner of the historic 17th century Château de Servigny in Normandy. The fact that she’s a Countess did not seem to deter her from wanting to leave a mark by starting the “Servigny D-Day Fund, Jeunes artisans de paix”, or Young Peacemakers, a charity supporting efforts in educating children for the promotion and fostering of peace. It’s goal: providing Peace Education for all children, whose mission statement is to “spread peace, develop global citizenship, to remember to build better”…

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Kathy Biehl’s March 2017 Astrology Forecast

You’re in for a workout in March. We all are. The wind’s at our back, pushing us onward and hurrying the pace. Then other forces join in, some jerking our heads backward, another sinking us deeper into our bodies.

How to respond? Scurry ahead? Turn around? Flee to the past? Throw a tantrum? Stuff your face? Yep. To all…

March’s complex celestial clockwork splays our attention across multiple overlapping timelines. Some are identifiable and pop up for everyone. Others are customized for you, only you. All are infused into the equinox chart, which means time-hopping is an ongoing factor for all of spring…

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Kathy Biehl’s February 2017 Astrology Forecast…

Feeling fired up? Riled? Combative? Wondering how much more of this you can take?

The cosmos has something for that. A giant wrap-up, reboot and restart dominate the month of February.. One eclipse cycle is starting while another is ending, with the combined effect of a powerful vacuum sucking us into a worm hole and spitting us out.

Much will become clear during this strange ride. Lives are changing, permanently, inside and out. Epiphanies will flash like lightning strikes, suddenly illuminating while zapping targets with an overload of energy…

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Kathy Biehl: 2016 Capricorn New Moon

December 28 – 29, 2016

10:53 PM PST / 1:53 AM EST / 6:53 AM GMT

7 Capricorn 59

The New Year vibe.. gets a head start thanks to this year’s Capricorn New Moon. It’s bringing goals, foundations and material security front and centre as 2016 winds down and we head toward its successor.

The impulse is rising in even people who aren’t normally inclined to make resolutions. And for those who do, this year’s crop is not likely to have many repeats – items that carry over from one year to the next without much happening (besides being moved from list to list….).

This behavioural shift grows out of the shake-up going on with Capricorn’s ruler. What’s happening to him is refreshing our perspectives and tilting much in our lives…

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Lettre de Paris Interview: Michael Hewett…

I first encountered Michael Hewett on a warm Sunday in October at Le Tigre Yoga Club in Paris.. he was the instructor leading the two-hour “Shamatha Meditation Atelier” I had signed up for.

I was looking forward to starting my formal initiation into Meditation, a discipline which I had long yearned to start practising. The workshop promised to take us “step by step through the Buddha’s stages of meditation”. Having long been fascinated by everything spiritual and read extensively about the subject over the years, I knew that I finally needed to put the theoretical into practice. Meditation seemed to be the natural next step into a brave new world and a practical, more attainable entry into a sublime state of being that I had so far touched for only brief moments.. I wanted to access that state far more frequently. I knew it was the right path to follow, long ago convinced that we are indeed all spiritual beings having a human experience…

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Kathy Biehl: 2016 Gemini Full Moon

December 13-14, 2016

4:05 PM PST / 7:05 PM EST / 12:05 AM GMT

22 Gemini 25 / 22 Sagittarius 25

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. Or do they? The question is up for consideration under the Gemini Full Moon. It’s highlighting the emotional power and impact of words, from the ones you tell yourself to everything that floats by, to and through you.

Where is your mind going? What’s pouring in and out of it? How’s your information flow these days? More to the point: how is it making you feel? Happy? Safe? Disoriented? Confused? Angry? Resolute?

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Kathy Biehl: December 2016 Astrology Forecast

December… brings a head-spinning mix of inevitability and unpredictability. Don’t expect it to go according to either tradition or plan. Keep your mind and schedule open, follow your instincts and you might actually have fun. Having popcorn on hand might prove useful, too.

Been stuck? Waiting for motivation? Or the right opening? Not any more. Santa (or your holiday benefactor of choice) is delivering cases of Popeye’s spinach that unleashes startling, nigh-on superhuman action…

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